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The Cream Legbar is a crested, autosexing, light fowl that carries the blue-egg gene. The purpose of the Cream Legbar Club is to preserve, promote and provide education about this breed.


Artwork by Maria Oakley

The Cream Legbar Club's Home Page is your source for information about Cream Legbars.  Cream Legbars are an autosexing, blue-egg laying, crested chicken.  Some Cream Legbars will lay a bluish-green egg.  Although the Standard for the Cream Legbar in the UK allows for blue, green or olive eggs, the USA standard omits olive eggs - because no olive-egg laying Cream Legbars were imported.  

Professor R.C. Punnett of Cambridge University is credited with the development of this remarkable bird, along with M. Pease in the 1930's.  Learn more about this rare variety of light fowl by using this page as a gateway to information. 

 It wasn't until 2010 that the very first Cream Legbars were imported to the USA by Greenfire Farms in Florida.  The rarity, and utility of Cream Legbars make this breed a perfect addition to anyone's flock.  The autosexing characteristic ensures there will be no 'surprise' roosters, since the chick's gender is easily determined when the chick fluffs out after hatching.  Knowing a chick's gender at birth is very valuable to anyone raising chickens.  

People interested in Cream Legbars are warmly welcome to join the Cream Legbar Club.  The Club was established late in 2012 to promote and protect this breed, educate people about Cream Legbars and work to gain acceptance for the breed by the American Poultry Association (APA).  The Club is proud to include international members from the UK and Australia among membership rolls and is open to everyone.  

"Little Star" - One-week week old Cream Legbar Chick - Photo by Vera, a club member, who is a member of the 4H group in Connecticut that is raising Cream Legbars in 2015.  Photo used with owner's permission.

our new cover shot

IT's A GIRL!  - 

Little Star
was hatched in Chicago by Club member Junaid Butt, then she flew to Connecticut.  Vera Ting shot her photo - and you can tell by her attitude that she knows she is something special.  Cream Legbars can be sexed at hatch time.  As Cream Legbar owners, we are all a bit spoiled by the advantages of autosexing. 

IF you are a regular visiting the web, you will notice that the photo has changed.  We are awaiting the next pullet/hen to be placed on page one - however, as yet the owner hasn't sent me the photo.  In the mean time Little Star who belongs to Vera Ting will be the place holder.  She is a tribute to autosexing and a hat's off to our 4H members who are working on raising Cream Legbars. 

Access to the Clubhouse, email delivery of the quarterly newsletter and listing in the Membership Directory (for full members) are all advantages of Cream Legbar Club Membership.  Follow the link below for more information about joining the Cream Legbar Club.  New in 2015 - a "classifieds" section is added for listings by full members.

Among Club activities are Contests to learn more about the breed.  To see Cream Legbar Club Contest information follow the link below:

Cream Legbar Club Contests

First imported to the USA by Greenfire Farms  - Read some background information here

General questions about chickens and up-to-date Cream Legbar Discussions - visit the BackYard Chickens forum - Put 'Cream Legbar' in the search line to see discussion threads.

Please note:  Only those facebook pages where open and respectful discussion of the Cream Legbar Chicken breed occurs are supported by the Cream Legbar Club.  It has been brought to our attention that some individuals have less than positive experiences on facebook when they seek to discuss the breed.  These negative experiences in no way reflect the position of the Cream Legbar Club.  Rather, the Cream Legbar Club seeks to promote the breed and to assist new and experienced people who wish to raise, develop and improve the breed.  No true Cream Legbar raiser should ever disparage you, your stock or your efforts, but instead they will work to help you get the best results from your flock, INCLUDING distinct autosexing of chicks and prolific egg laying - NEITHER of which should ever be sacrificed for 'looks'. 

Recommended facebook sites:  The club Facebook page is http:// facebook.com/creamlegbarclub

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